Katie Black


Katie Black was born on a military base in okinawa and lived there until she was seven, afterwards her family moved back to the states where she has lived since. At the tender age of 12 however Katie started to talk about an imaginary friend she could see when she went outside, and started to spend more and more time outside, and fires started to appear around the town. Katie was seen around the locations of the fires several times and so she came under close scrutiny, but one of the officers in the area noticed something the others couldn’t. Her avatar, at the young age of twelve, Katie Black had quietly awakened as a mage. Soon the worries of her parents were put to rest, and a tutor was found to help Katie catch up after the incidents with the fires. And Kaite Black was quietly brought into the mystic traditions. As she grew older Katie became a member of the Order of Hermes, her flare for flares brought more than a little interest from House Flambeau and she found herself a member of the house.

Katie’s avatar, the hindu deity Indra, approved. He was a god that ruled the heavens, and sought to battle against evil where he could, the battle mages of Flambeau were what he wanted her to be. And Katie excelled at using Forces in combat, unfortunately her highly vulgar approach to magic limit her significantly. by the age of twenty Katie Black was a respected veteran of House Flambeau and known for how effective her magic was against vampires, one of the orders old enemies. It wasn’t long until Katie was to wed, her husband was Jacques Flambeau. They had a few years together before tragedy struck. On an order exposition, deep into the mountainous wilderness the couple ran afoul of a pack of werewolves. Several mages died, many more were injured, Jacques and Katie among them. Her husband was slain outright in the brief but bloody battle, and Katie was badly injured, a Garou’s claws slicing deep into her face in a near fatal wound. The group was forced to grab their dead and injured and flee, further expeditions into the wilds in search of nodes was canceled and Katie was in despair over the loss of her husband.

For years Katie had been worried that her powers were growing weaker, the paradigm of hers was not one that was easily applied to older women, and rare to see depictions of outside of teenaged years. She feared it was her ,perceived, loss of magical strength was the reason her husband died, she did not know how much tougher the Gauru were compared to the Kindred she had fought before. Her attempts to improve her magic, develop more powerful spells, and force herself to a higher state of power failed, and the paradox she had been so prone to snapped back at her with a deep quiet. Katie is unaware of what exactly she did in her quiet, she remembers fighting monsters as they attacked towns, defending the sleepers from beasts and terrors of the night. Which was not totally untrue. In her quiet, the dynamic resonance of her’s awoke in madness unleashing her as a Marauder on reality. In the years of her madness she chased after rumors and whispers of any sort of monster, her vulgar magic killing several werewolves as well as vampires and other creatures, some of which were enemies that members of the order set her up against, hoping to use her as a weapon to take care of problems that were too troublesome for a sane mage to handle.

After several years word got out to the other traditions that the Order of Hermes was using a marauder as a mystical ‘hit man’ to deal with some of its problems. A cabal was formed and sent out to stop these actions. The Cabal was formed of members of the Akashic Brotherhood, and members of the Sons of Ether. It took months of work but eventually they were able to track down Katie and bring help bring her out of her quiet.

Unfortunately, much damage had been done. Relations between the Nine Mystic Traditions and several werewolf packs, Vampire Princes, and several spirits had been damaged, and Katie’s body and mind had both suffered from the battles she fought. Her body is torn and hurt, scars crisscrossing her body and badly maiming her face indeed. Her mind is still broken, she drifts in and out of her delusional states, believing herself to be a superhero still, and while not as strong as she was as a marauder, her magic is still potent.

She currently lives on a small fund the order of hermes pays out to her, both in recognition of her service and sacrifices, as well as no small amount of guilt for their actions in using her as a pawn. She currently serves in an honorary position of a guardian of a minor node set in a botanical garden, as well as a gardener there, to both use her talents, and keep her out of the way as possible.

Katie Black

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