Welcome to the Gamers’ House!

This isn’t a campaign but rather a home for us and our alter egos. It’s a place we can put our characters, be they D&D applicable or not, who currently don’t have a place in another campaign. It’s a place we can ask questions and help each other. More importantly, it’ll be a way for us to keep track of each other throughout the years as we all move out into the greater world.

The uses of this wiki are endless. You could maintain your own page so we can keep track of what we’re all doing. You could keep up your school and schedules so we have a better idea of what times we can all play. The forum could be used to organize our gaming schedules and to inform others when we can and +can’t play. We can keep characters on here for one-nights, put up characters we want to play in future campaigns, or shuffle over our characters after their campaigns finish.

Use it as much, or as little, as you’d like. This is here for everyone’s convenience so don’t feel like you have to use it. It’s here to help everyone have fun, so have fun with it!

- Planeswalker