The Spirits of Kamigawa

Kamigawa is a world of mysticism and honor. For centuries the inhabitants of Kamigawa prayed for an end to the wars that ravaged the land. The kami heard them. Daimyo Konda rose from the golden fields of Towabara and brought the wars to an end, bringing peace to a war-torn world. But that peace was short lived. Something has enraged the kami, and now the once-quiet spirits have turned a destructive gaze upon Kamigawa.

The people pray once again – but who now will hear their prayers?


The Setting

Set on the Japanese-themed plane of Kamigawa, this campaign will use Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules and will make use of the Crafter system, Recharging spell slots, and most every other variant laid out in the Weatherlight campaign.

The world and its customs will be laid out more fully should this campaign be started. However, of note: races are highly divided, true neutral is not allowed, races will have alignment restrictions but typically will have at least 5 of the 8 alignment available,


Playable races include the following: Akki, Jukai Humans, Kitsune, Minamo Humans, Nezumi, Orochi, Sokenzan Humans, Takenuma Humans, Towabara Humans. Few templates will be allowed. Akki are a variant of goblin, Kitsune are foxfolk, Nezumi are ratfolk, Orochi are very lithe snakefolk. Humanity has diversified so much in various areas that humans from different areas of the world are notably different: Jukai – forest, Minamo – lake, Soeknzan – mountains, Takenuma – swamp, Towabara – plains. All races will have an effective 1 “freebe” LA which will be composed entirely of role-play aspects such as class skills, increased skills, feat(s), minor spell-like ability/abilities, etc.


Pretty much anything that hasn’t been banned.


Tentatively level 4 going up to somewhere around level 15 to 18.

Notes This will be a low-combat, intense-role play campaign. Your enemies in this campaign will often be overwhelming – talking down your opponent, running away from your opponent, or, the best of the three, outsmarting your opponent, will often be the better option. The campaign will have a character traveling as a part of the party – Toshi Umezawa, a kanji mage, thief, and general survivalist – but I have confidence he will be better done than DM-PCs we’ve seen in the past.


Probably a majority of a semester.

The Spirits of Kamigawa

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