The Shards of Alara

Alara is no more. In a great cataclysm eons ago, Alara was sunderered. The world now exists as five seperate Shards. Jund, a volcanic world dominated by dragons. Naya, a forest world inhabited by gargantuan beasts and only the strongest survive. Bant, a world of law and light where honor and faith hold highest regard. Esper, an ocean world of thought with inhabitants that have become symbiotic with the mystical steel Etherium. Grixis, a hellish land ruled by demons and their undead servents where life itself is always on the run. The sundering of Alara has fractured the multiverse around the world – things can get in, but nothing gets out. You are a Neowalker, trapped on the Shards by accident in your travels.

Will you ever escape? Or will the Shards of Alara be your grave?


The Setting

Set in the Shards of Alara, this campaign will use Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules and will make use of a heavily modified Crafter system, a modified version of Recharging spell slots, and most every other variant laid out in the Weatherlight campaign. The players are Neowalkers and, as such, are incredibly powerful beings – fortunately Alara posesses some incredible challenges.

The world and its customs will be laid out more fully should this campaign be started. However, of note: there are 5 very different worlds the campaign takes place in, each one radically different from the other, the world will be different than the Alara seen in the Weatherlight campaign as that Alara was restructured for convenience.


Playable races include the following: Yes, so long as it’s a part of the MTG universe (aka listed in the Weatherlight playable races) and could posess a Neowalker Spark.


Pretty much anything that hasn’t been banned. All players will be a modified version of Gestalt, designed to represent the power of Neowalkers.


Level 20 going to between levels 35 to 45.


This will be a high-combat, high-role play campaign with more traditional Dungeons and Dragons-type encounters, including dungeon crawls and traps.


A full semester with possibly some spillover.

The Shards of Alara

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