The Ice Age

Dominaria has forgotten warmth. Since the end of the Brothers’ War, the entire world has struggled to survive – the flames of hope have almost petered out. The people of the world cluster in villages and city-states that were once great nations. Magical monstrosities, ancient machines of war, and the undead armies of the necromancer Lim-Dul walk the frigid land. Is the world a corpse? Is life on Dominaria fighting against the inevitable?

Will you lay down and await your end? Or will you spark the flames?

Snow covered plains

The Setting

Set during Dominaria’s Ice Age, this campaign will use Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules and will make use of the Crafter system, a modified version of Recharging spell slots, and most every other variant laid out in the Weatherlight campaign. Many environmental rules set up in books like Frostburn will be altered as their “supernatural” weather is often the norm for Dominaria. The world is wracked by otherworldly storms and paltry magic finds little to no purchase against the supernatural cold – survival in these frozen lands is never guaranteed, especially when one relies upon magic.

The world and its customs will be laid out more fully should this campaign be started. However, of note: there are no large nations, the world is suspicious of magic though cryomancy and pyromancy have become common areas of study, artifice is almost universally outlawed, prejudice among the races is common but outright hostility has fallen to the wayside in light of the unrelenting cold.


Playable races include the following: Avens, Catfolk, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Half-Breeds (though more rare), Humans (though not Keldons), Loxodon, Minotaurs, and Orcs. Many templates are allowed, feel free to ask.


Pretty much anything that hasn’t been banned.


Tentatively level 8, possibly 10. Probably won’t go past the level 21-24 range.


This will be a high-combat, moderate-role play campaign with more traditional Dungeons and Dragons-type encounters, including dungeon crawls and traps. Magic is really fucked up right now – particularly elemental magic and especially cold and fire magic. Immunity against an element will most often just provide a strong defense against it and many effects will reduce resistances they encounter – however, elemental damage is particularly cutting against those who lack any form of protection. Expect elemental damage of all flavors to be very common in this setting and defense against them to be almost as important as armor class. The unrelenting storms that ravage the landscape completely prevent fast-travel spells and teleportation magics are almost entirely unknown.


Probably a majority of a semester, though the irony of attempting to complete it over a Winter Break makes it almost tempting.

The Ice Age

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