Who am I? I’m Planeswalker!...Alright, not as dramatic as Spider-Man, but hey, I had to try. Anyways, despite everyone knowing who I am I figured a brief bio would still be worth it in case anyone gets amnesia. I’m 20 (eventually to be 21 next August 16th), was raised in Leavenworth, Washington, and currently am looking to graduate from college in two(ish) years with a degree in Economics with a focus in environmental science and political science. I’m not sure where I’ll be going after there, probably onwards to my masters degree and possibly PhD which will most likely take me to California.

Currently I’ve only played in three gaming systems, D&D 3.5, Dan’s d100 system, and a locally brewed system named Rixsus though a proper name for it would be…actually we should keep things here relatively PG-13 so moving on! Short to say I’m only really a big fan of D&D and not a hugely interested in learning a new syste, however Amber Dicelss has sort of caught my eye. I’m a fan of high-magic, high-power, and the biggest of big bads. Interestingly enough, I’m also a fan of fast-leveling level 1 campaigns I’ve recently found out.

Planeswalker’s Spring School Schedule

I’m good to play Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at literally any time, so long as we end before 6:30 pm I can do Sundays, and I absolutely cannot play Tuesday or Thursday


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