All Roads Lead to Amber

Amber is the beginning and the end. The Courts of Chaos are the end and the beginning. All roads lead to Amber and all crossroads meet in The Courts. Shadows ripple off from the great truths of Amber and The Courts, and infinite worlds exist in these spreading worlds. Those with blood tied to the Pattern or the Logrus can walk these shadows, and infinite possibilities await them within the infinite worlds of Shadow. Darkness hides in the ripples of Shadow, threatening to end both Amber and The Courts.

Can you find the coming darkness? Or will you be lost in Shadow?


The Setting

Set in the Amber universe, this campaign will use Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules with Amber Diceless as supplemental and I have no idea what kind of variants I will use.

The world and its customs will be laid out more fully should this campaign be started. However, of note: your characters are princes or princesses of Amber or the Courts of Chaos, all capable of walking Shadow.


Playable races include the following: Child of the Pattern, Child of the Logrus.


I have no idea.


Once again, unsure, but definitely high powered.

Notes This will be a moderate-combat, intense-role play campaign. I’m fairly sure I won’t use the Crafter system, and magic will be changed pretty intensely. Given how amazing the Amber universe is, I can promise that I’ll make the merger of DnD 3.5 and Amber Diceless amazing as anything less would be blasphemy.


Either a full semester or a full semester and a majority of another.

All Roads Lead to Amber

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