Ruin the Thundering Blow

Through my eyes, I am the storm. Through the storm, I am Ruin.


Ruin, the Thundering Blow

  • Human(Voidborn)
  • Elemental Affinity:Air
  • Monk of the Four Winds lvl 17
Vital Statistics
  • Max HP: 214
  • BAB: 12
  • Combat Maneuver Defense: (10+17+8+3+13+3+1+1) = 56
  • Combat Maneuver Bonus: (17+8+1+5+3) = 34
  • Initiative: +9
  • Speed: 80ft
  • Void Points: 6
Armor Class
  • Standard: 45 (10+(8)Dex+(8)Armor Item+(0)Shield Item+(1)Natural Armor+(1)Deflection Item+(13)Misc Bonuses+(3)Dodge + (1)Insight Bonus)
  • Flat Footed:34
  • Touch:36
  • Other: Dodge feat
  • Damage Reduction: 0/overcome (or 0/-)
  • Electric Resistance 17
  • Spell Resistance 27
Save Total Base Ability Magic
Fortitude 25 10 6 5+1+3
Reflex 27 10 8 5+1+3
Will 27 10 8 5+1+3
  • Evasion, Still Mind
Weapon Attack Damage Critical
Unarmed Attack 29/24/19 P or B 2d10+13+2d6 (electric and Sonic) 19-20, x2
Flurry of Blows 32/32/27/27/22/22/17 P or B 2d10+13+2d6 (electric and Sonic) 19-20, x2
Ability Scores
Stat Total Modifier Base Magic
STRANTH 16 (3) 16 X enhancement, X Insight, etc
Dexterity 27 (8) 21 +6 enhancement
Constitution 22 (6) 16 +6 enhancement
Intelligence 16 (3) 14 +2 Enhancement
Wisdom 27 (8) 21 +6 enhancement
Charisma 14 (4) 14 X
Skill Total Ranks Ability Magic Synergy Misc
Skill Name XX XX X X Item Name 2 from Other Skill X Skill Focus etc
Other Skill XX/XX XX X X X +X when Gargling defensively
Acrobatics 28 13 8 X X 3+1+3 (+17 for monk level, +20 for movement for jumps)
Auto-Hypnosis 29 17 8 X X 1+3
Climb 10 0 3 X X 3+1+3
Craft (Cloth) 29 17 3 X X 3+2+1+3
Escape Artist X X X X X X
Fly 16 4 8 X X 1+3
Knowledge (Nature) 28 17 3 X X 4+1+3
Knowledge (Architecture/Engineering) 24 17 3 X X 1+3
Linguistics XX XX X X X X
Perception 32 17 8 X X 3+1+3
Sense Motive 32 17 8 X X 3+1+3
Survival 33 17 8 X X 4+1+3
Tech Use 24 17 3 X X 1+3
Class Abilities
  • Flurry of Blows
  • Elemental Fist (24) (when attacking, can expend a charge. When I do, declare one of the following: Fire, Ice, Electricity, or Acid. If I hit, it does 8D6 [currently] of that damage type in addition to my normal damage)
  • Evasion, and Improved Evasion
  • Fast Movement (currently plus 50ft)
  • Maneuver Training (Use monk level for BAB in CMB)
  • Still Mind (+2 to saves against Enchantment Spells and effects)
  • Slow Fall (currently 80ft)
  • Ki pool: Magic, Lawful, Adamantine [currently 25 in Ki pool]
  • High Jump (if spending a Ki point, can get plus 20 to Acrobatics for the purposes of a jump. Also add character level to jump)
  • Purity of Body (immunity to diseases)
  • Wholeness of Body (Can heal monk level in damage by using 2 ki points)
  • Diamond Body (immune to all poisons)
  • Slow Time (6 Ki points to get 3 standard actions)
  • Diamond Soul (SR equal to 10 plus my monk levels)
  • Quivering Palm (1/day Fort save or die after initial hit)
  • Tongue of the Sun and Moon (can understand and speak with any living creature)
  • Aspect Master: Aspect of the Ki-Rin (hair has effective freedom of movement, can fly at movement speed but must end turn on ground or fall from height)
Level Feat Name Description
Human Bonus Finesse Use dex for Attack
1 Weapon Focus (UA) plus 1 to attack
Monk 1 Dodge plus 1 AC
Monk 2 Deflect Arrows
3 Void Healing Swift Action to heal Void feats times 10 hp
5 Craft Wondrous Item -
Monk 6 Djinni Style 1 extra elemental fist attempt, plus 2 dodge to AC, plus Wis to electrical damage
7 Void Capacity -
9 Void Strike Spend a void point to gain bonus to hit and damage
Monk 10 Djinni Spirit 1 extra elemental fist attempt, lvl worth of electric resistance, and deafened when hit with it (Fort save negates (save is 10 plus 1/2 lvl plus Wis mod))
11 Void Restoration Can restore 1/2 void feats worth of Ki points, Elemental Fist attempts, and other use per day effects
13 Air Devotion Once per day as a swift action, gain sacred bonus to AC equal to 1 plus 1/4 lvl. Also gain 50% miss chance against ranged weapons. Lasts for 1 minute
Monk 14 Elemental Tactical Feat Abilities to be clarified
15 Void Pummel Convert lowest BAB attack to full BAB, increase movement (currently 15 ft) during Void Strike
17 Ki Reservoir Number of Ki points game changed to monk lvl + Wis mod
Devotee of the Green +1 knowledge(nature), as a class skill
Poverty-Stricken +1 survival, as a class skill
Calamitous Smoked Perk +2 to survival for smoking meat
Magical Equipment
Headband Headband of Battle Comrade, +2 Int (Auto Hypnosis) +2 Int, Full Ranks in Auto-Hypnosis, For other abilities Craft 43
Neck Necklace of Eternal Storm Elemental Fist attempts extend to half wisdom mod plus 3 more attacks, +1 Natural Armor 35 on the Woven Cloud String, has a Thunder Egg as a Pendant that is held by a clasp made from Kashra‘s blade
Shoulders Kashra’s Cloak of Resistance +5 +5 Resistance bonus to all saves Was worn by Kashra, with the symbol of his former people on it
Body Robe of the Adamant Palm, Lesser For more information Craft 35
Forearms Bracers of Ghost Guard Ghost Touch applies to weapon, on command (standard action) Blink spell Craft check 36
Hands Plated Gloves of the Focused Skies Look to item page for details, (wrist tie) Weapon Crystal of the Thunderhead (2D6, 1 electric and 1 sonic) Craft 42 (using the Elemental Heartstone and Nanite Weave)
Ring 1 Ring of the Void Brother +1 deflection bonus, For more info
Ring 2 Ring of the Four Winds For more details
Belt Belt of Con +6 +6 Con Craft 39
Feet Bolt Boots For more details Craft 35 (lined with silk from Ankh and Leather from there)
Other Possessions

Food and Beverages

  • Waterskin (4)
  • Trail Rations (12)
  • 2 Cases Cornucopi
  • Small bottle of Cinder
  • Full Bottle of Smooth Jazz
  • Silver Drought (Best drink out there)

Non-tech survival equipment

  • Dagger
  • Quarterstaff
  • Blanket, winter
  • Block and tackle
  • Candle (5)
  • Chalk (5)
  • Crowbar
  • Fishhook
  • Flask
  • Small steel mirror
  • Oil (2)
  • Piton (5)
  • Iron Pot
  • Hemp rope (2)
  • Soap (2)
  • Lantern, Bullseye
  • Flint and steel
  • Hammer
  • Healers Kit
  • Hot weather outfit
  • Cold Weather Outfit

Technology Based Items

  • Holo-projector
  • Marias Personal Electronics Guide (with personal notes), Amadayas college textbook electrical engineering
  • Wire Bundle, basic electrical engineers testing board, Volt Meter, and the complete Klutz Guide to Electrical Engineering.
  • Destroyed Power Armor and functional Augmentation Suit Spine (ant haul)
  • 2 target control drones
  • 60 Shotgun shells
  • Bester Grenade (memory loss)
  • High explosive
  • Incendiary
  • 2 Frag

Crafting Materials

  • Extra Needle and thread
  • Artisan’s Masterwork Tool Kit
  • 1 Bolt of Silk, 1 bolt of Snakeskin and 1 bolt of Canvas From Ankh
  • 4 bolts Engineer cloth (Orange, Dark Green, Grey, White) From Haven
  • Short sleeve martial arts outfit (Has a torn sleeve used for crafting) From Ankh
  • Steel Silk 9 yards From Fortress
  • Woven Cloud 3 yards From Fortress
  • Nanite-weave (About .75 of a Bolt left) From Haven and Flare
  • 1 Bolt Storm Cloak From Dawn
  • 2 Bolts Midnight Silk From Dawn
  • Hammer head and flattened bullet
  • Nano-weave (enough to make robe or armor) From Haven
  • Half Sheet of Displacer hide (for Saradac to help use) From Haven
  • Bolt Hardened Nanite Weave (for mech type suits) From Flare

Misc. Items

  • One injectors of cure light (13 hp)
  • Trench spike
  • Old robes
  • Scroll case (2)
  • Ink
  • Quill
  • Hickory chips (for smoking meat)
  • Big Red Button (keep away from Saradac) Unknown and Important

Magic Items

  • Ion Stone of Elemental Assault Electricity
  • Dream keeper
  • Bag of holding Type I
  • Hat of Disguise
  • Feather of Guardians Wings (just a name I made of. Feather from the Guardian of Wonder. When burned, he will come to help)
  • 5 Extra Cure Serious Potions, 10 Cure Light
  • 8 Extra doses Shamans Lightning

Other Notable Items

Racial Traits
  • N/a
  • 4667 Platinum, 352 Gold, 30 Silver, 15 Copper.
  • 255000/500000
  • 1381
Miscellaneous Statistics
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity: Light: 76 lb. or less. Medium: 77-153 lb. Heavy: 154-230 lb.
  • Current weight carried: 15 lbs.
  • Hit Dice rolls: ( 8, 6, 5, 8, 7, 4, 6, 7, 7, 6, 8, 5, 8, 6, 7, 8, 5)
  • Languages: Common, Terran, and Linguae hastam (that’s the name of home planes language. Means “Spear Tongue” in Latin)

  • To be written in a bit


Ruin’s real name is Feng Iakchos, which means all together “To Shout the Silent Winds”. The first part of is name, Feng is Chinese, while the second is Greek in origins. This is to represent that his language is a odd blend between Chinese and Latin in nature.

Ruins past

As a child, Ruin lived with his mother (Shu) and his older brother (Shaozu, meaning “one who brings honor to their ancestors”) in the north most province of Spear in the town of Mori Noya (Home of the Forest) (look at the map and find the star on the upper section of the map. Then go up a little and to the left a tad and that’s where his home town is). Ruin’s father was a traveling sales man, buying and selling goods from town to town. At about the age of three though, he left to deliver some newly harvested grain to a small town in the upper east region of Spear that was having a bad harvest that year due to Wild Encroachment. Unfortunately, after delivering his goods to the town, he vanished. There is some speculation that he left his family, while others believe the fluctuating boundaries of the local Wild allowed a creature or being from within to catch him. No one knows for sure, but he hasn’t been seen since (Completely up to you, if you want to use this).

When they were young, Shaozu would take Ruin to play out near the edge of the forest. He was fascinated by the stories that came from people who traveled near the edge of the Wilds. After their father‘s disappearance, the family had financial troubles, so Shaozu had to pick up a job to support the family by learning to work as a Wild Guide (a person who leads curious travelers into the Wild to see what it has). Though he had little practice at this dangerous profession, he adapted very quickly with minimal injuries. With Shaozu now working, and Shu continuing her work as a seamstress, ends were finally being met once again, though just barely. Most days they would have to work late into the night, leaving young Ruin mostly to himself during the day. Occasionally, when Shu didn’t have of orders coming in, Ruin would sit on his mother’s lap as she slowly sowed together another outfit, humming to him as she worked. But those days were few and far between. On other days, when Shaozu would get back from a long trip at work, he would lay on the floor of their bedroom, starring up at the ceiling and would tell stories of the world of the Wild, the creatures hidden among the trees, and of the herbs that could save lives and others that would cause hives and their minute differences, until his remaining energy for the day was expended. Some days Shaozu would even fall asleep in the middle of telling Ruin a story, but he didn’t mind. The stories took his mind far outside the confines of his home. These stories helped to form Ruin’s later knowledge and understanding of the Wild.

As Ruin came of age, he started working as an assistant tailor to help alleviate some of the financial burden. It was his job to patch holes in older outfits, while Shu worked on doing larger more complicated patchwork and designs. The workweeks were stressful, but with the whole family working, no one had to overexert themselves. And though Ruin was happy that he could contribute to his family finally, he felt that he wasn’t meant to become a tailor. As time passed, both is mother and his brother could tell, as Ruin would stare off towards Spears Peak as he would slowly sew away (and occasionally pricking himself). Shaozu was worried about Ruin, so he decided he was going to help out his little brother. With the assistance of Shu, the two of them started to spend more hours working. After about a half a year, Shaozu asked Ruin to meet him in their living room. Waiting for Ruin was a long single pull strap bag and a small coin pouch. His family had been working more jobs and hours to give him the opportunity to try and find something he loved, just as Shaozu had found for himself while playing near the forests. So graciously and tearfully Ruin said goodbye to his family, picked up his new bag and left with the passing of the season.

Ruin traveled for several months, keeping close to the roads. He would stop ever so often to pick up supplies from a passing merchants cart or farmers returning from town, but he never stayed in one place for long. He was looking for something that felt like his own. Then one day, as he was passing by one the open gates of a dojo, a sound crept out the gate. A powerful sort of shout, felt more than heard. Heartfelt and from deep in the diaphragm. A release of ones spirits, a very visceral noise. It struck a note in Ruin’s mind, and before long its reverberations could be felt I full. This was it, his path.

The courses were hard. The teacher at the dojo was fair, but unforgiving. One miss step, or complaint would lead to hours of cleaning lavatories or scrubbing the floors down after hours. Ruin was no more gifted than any other student. He worked hard, he focused, and he earned his punishments just like the rest. Many of the students were six or so years younger than him, but at the same level of martial prowess. It was embarrassing learning to fight against a child, only to be thrown to the floor and pinned by someone almost half his size (an exaggeration but that’s how it felt). With time, he learned basic foot placement, how to be aware of your opponents moves and how to try and compensate for them.

Early one morning after a year of learning the very basics, he came into the dojo to see an unfamiliar figure in the room. Several times before there had been martial inspections, where masters of higher ranks than the Sensei of the dojo would come and check up on how the students progress was coming along. Most of them would stand at the front of the room, looking haughtily down their noses at the class, with a quill and parchment in hand. This time though, the person was not standing in front of the room imperiously, but quietly sitting cross legged in the back of the room. A hood obscured his face, and Sensei paid the man little attention as he started the glass. The other students, even the ones who had been working at the school for nearly six or seven years seemed baffled by the intruder.

As the class game to a close, the figure slipped to the front of the room and whispered something to the Sensei. The teacher the pointed to three students. First, pointing to the eldest student I the class room. Second, pointing to the young protégée in the class. And third, pointing to Ruin. These students were then instructed to stay after class for some extra evaluations. Ruin felt extremely out of place, as he waited with his two far peers, who were both far superior than him in any martial sense. Not even a day before he recalled being pinning to the floor with little effort by the eldest student and earlier that week he had been thrown into the wall by the young savant.

Ruin was second to be escorted out into the garden. Before him the elder student went out, and came back bruised and tired. When Ruin asked him what had happened, all he was given was a look and a slight nod. In the middle of the garden stood the man once concealed by a clock, now only to be concealed by a mask of ever changing colors. His outfit was plan, the kind of garb found at the local street vender than anyone with the time and extra finances would overlook. He wrapped his hands and feet in cloth less in a need to prevent harm to himself, but rather to cushion the blows he would rain down upon others.

Then the trial began. The man did not make any offensive action, he simple stood there and dodged. Occasionally, he would jump back a short distance to better watch how Ruin approached. When Ruin finally let the last dregs of energy seep from his body, the man spoke:

“Your strikes have much less power behind them than that of your peers. Why is this? Do you take your studies lightly”

“No sir, it is not that I take it lightly. I train as much as anyone else under my Sensei. It just seems that my sensei’s style is not one that I am optimal for. I need to find my style, one that accounts for my abilities and my weaknesses.”

“How can you know that after such a short time of training?”

“I don’t. It is just a feeling.”

The echos of a grin could be heard in his voice. “What is your name, student of the uncertain path?”

“Feng Iakchos”

“Well, Feng Iakchos, you may be dismissed”, and he gestured to the entrance into the dojo. The next time Ruin went to the dojo, there was a summons waiting for him. He had been chosen among all the students of the dojo to travel with one of the Eight Great pillars and the Master of the Martial arts, the Adamant Palm. When he asked as to why he of all the students had been chosen, the answer he was given was unclear. “The Pillar said that you were of a lost path, thus able to be molded into your true self. You also were not constrained by simple teachings, and thus are more open to learn”. This confused Ruin at the time, thinking that his lack of knowledge had lead to this turn of events. But, with such an important summons and by such a great man, Ruin had no choice but to pack his bags and depart once more, but this time with direction.

That was the beginning of his journey. For two years, he simply traveled alongside the Pillar, made to watch and study how The Adamant Palm acted and moved. He learned of the paths along the mountains ridged, he met important individuals of all classes and races, and he learn the path of a Pillar. The Pillars stood as monuments to the greatness and order of the land. The Adamant Palm was one of the most respected and honorable of these Pillars, always teaching virtues and guidance to those who needed. And Ruin adored his master. He longed to be able to help people as his master did, and to have such confidence in his own path.

Then came the day of departure. It was getting late in the day and the Master had been spending several hours trying to teach Ruin how to channel the elemental forces to wrap ones fists in. Though his master was able to strike as a fire, or as a winter storm, Ruin was only capable of summoning lightning. Ever time he did, a popping noise would happen as Ruin shocked himself with ever miss attempt. The Adamant Palm would laugh and laugh ever time, always in his tired yet ever confident voice. “You seem only able to bring ruin to yourself, my young apprentice. You fingers and hands pop with protest at your efforts”. He paused, taking into consideration what he had just said. “I think I have found your new title”, barely able to keep the grin from his face. “You are now to be known as Ruin, the Crackling Palm”. Bursting into laughter, Ruin protested. After a time in which the Master was able to catch his breath, he said “Fine. No one would take you seriously if your title was to lackluster. How about Ruin, the Thundering Blow. It fits with your inability to master the other elements, and yet does not point out this fact to others”.

As the Adamant Palm lay down to rest, Ruin trained on, using the light from the red coals. He stood there, bracing his feet against the ground, fists tucked into small hammers at his side, and he struck. One two three strike. One two three strike. One two three… A crackle of black energy seeped forth from his wrist and lashed out at the night. Ruin stood there, gripping his arm by the wrist and staring at his clenched fist him terror. He had heard the tales, he knew of those born with the black magic inside of them. Those who were taken away from their families and lost to the order of the High Lord. And he was afraid. He turned to the tent were his Masters rested and was scared. He had seen his Master have to take those of the black magic out of their home, but he had never known what happened to them. So in fear of his life, he grabbed his bag that his brother had gifted him those years ago, and ran.

At first Ruin was terrified by the Wild. His brother had told him the tales of the animals that lurked there, but when he had been told of them he had been in the comfort of his own home and had his brother with him. But now he was alone and hungry and without anywhere to go back to. But with time he learned the ways of the Wild, and of nature. He learned, through bad experiences, that certain berries and roots were not to be eaten. He learned that certain trees were best spend nights in, and he learned to find tracks of animals to eat. His only companion during his time in the wilderness was a hawk that he saved which he named Li. This bird soon became very helpful in finding resources.

His time in the wilderness and his time traveling on his own spanned four years, until one day the Void came to greet him


Ruin the Thundering Blow

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